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Louisville and Southern Indiana Regional Market Snapshot for October 21, 2012

Louisville and Elizabethtown Kentucky, as well as Southern Indiana, boast thousands of homes for sale awaiting their new owners.  With average list prices ranging from just over $150,000 to around $222,000, your next home could very well be on the market today!

Take a look at the Regional Market Snapshot here, or to the left.  You’ll be able to view data on thousands of listings in Kentucky and Indiana, and their activity on the real estate market from the past month and the past year.

Ready to start house shopping?  Visit Semonin to start looking, or to find a qualified Realtor® to help you on your journey! 

Regional Market Snapshot for October 7, 2012

Did you know Semonin Realtors® specializes in real estate in the Greater Louisville area?  Did you know Semonin Realtors® also has experts specializing in Fort Knox and Elizabethtown Real Estate?  Did you know about our nearly 50 real estate agents in the Southern Indiana area?  We have hundreds of real estate experts in these areas who can help you on your search amid thousands of listings!

These specialists can also help decipher current real estate statistics and trends.  For instance, in the Greater Louisville area in the past 30 days, there were 1,794 new listings on the market.  During this same 30 day period, there were also 973 properties that sold in this area.  These listings spent an average time of 79 days on the market.

Click here, or on the image to the left, to get more real estate statistics relevant to any one of our three areas of specialty.  And go ahead and click here to get connected with a Realtor® who can help you through the complex real estate process.

What do you love most about moving?

Moving can be daunting.  There’s no mistaking that.  However, with the chore of moving comes some up sides as well.

For instance, Semonin Realtors® is going to be moving into a new facility in several months.  Here are some of the things I have heard people say they are going to love:

  • Having dozens of support staff working right next to the agents.
  • A cafe right in the office.
  • Multiple conference rooms and even a video production room.
  • “Touchdown stations” for coming into the office, logging in, and getting work done.
  • The potential for hundreds of Realtors to join together to bounce ideas off one another.
  • New workspaces, a fresh start, new ideas, new hopes.

So tell us, what do you love most about moving?

What are you indecisive about?

When it comes to buying or selling real estate, what are you indecisive about?

Sure, it’s a huge undertaking, and the decisions you have to make can seem overwhelming.  There are negotiations, inspections, insurance, and mortgages to think about.  (Please don’t discount a Realtor® .  They have the knowledge to help you make these decisions with confidence.)

So spill it, what in the process of a real estate transaction makes you wishy washy?

What Would You Change?

If you could change something about a past home purchase, what would it be?

Purchasing a home is a big deal.  And a stressful one.  And it’s exciting and exhilarating and emotional.  So after your emotions have settled and after you have settled into your home, tell me – what would you have done differently if you could have a home-purchase do-over?  It could have something to do with searching for a home or your “want” and “need” list.  It may be a Realtor® who wasn’t the right fit for you.  Perhaps it’s the moving process – your movers (or your friends), boxing up all your possessions, or unpacking them. 

For me, it was one small thing left out of my “want” list.  You see, my Realtor® was amazing.  He was kind-hearted, compassionate, patient, and fought for us to get what we wanted.  He listened to what we wanted & was exceptionally responsive.  On my “want” list, though, I didn’t consider writing that I wanted some land.  Not a lot, though that would have been fine – just more than what I ended up purchasing with the house.  If I could do it over, I would include a wee bit of acreage as a must in my home search. 

How about you?  What would you change in your home buying experience?

If you need a jump start on searching for your next home or your next Realtor®, start here.

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