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Who or What Stresses You Out the Most?

Let’s not mince words.  The home selling or buying transaction can be very stressful.  There are so many details to see to (which is why you, of course, should make sure you work with a Realtor®) that you probably feel like you need a rest.  So when it comes to buying or selling a home, who or what stresses you out the most?

  • Is it the input of family members and friends?  After all, everyone has to have a say in what you are doing.
  • Is it getting a house full of memories boxed up for the move?
  • Maybe it’s being sure your finances are all ironed out before you sit at the closing table.

There are so many factors that go into real estate transactions.  What pieces of the puzzle do you wish would fit a little more easily?

When buying or selling a home, what do you use the Internet for?


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