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Market Snapshot: June 2013 vs June 2012

Let’s compare the June 23, 2013 stats with the June, 24 2012 stats for the Louisville, Elizabethtown, and Southern Indiana real estate markets.

Greater Louisville

The Months of Inventory is 17.1% lower than this time last year. This is the amount of time it would take to sell all the properties that are currently listed in the area. On June 24, 2012, it would have taken approximately 7.0 months to sell every listed property in the area; on June 23, 2013 it was recorded to only take 5.8 months.

The amount of Unsold Residential Inventory is also down 11.5% from last year. As of June, 23 2013 there were 6,794 residential homes listed for sale in the Greater Louisville area. This time last year there were 7,679. This gives buyers less to choose from and become more competitive with each other to get the home they want.

On average homes are selling for prices 7.7% higher than last year, and it less time – 19 days less than in 2012.

Average Sales Price – 2012: $181,173 vs. 2013: $195,150

Average Days on Market – 2012: 82 days vs. 2013: 63 days



In the Elizabethtown market, the Months of Inventory is actually 1.1% higher than it was in 2012.

2012: 9.3 months vs. 2013: 9.4 months

Unsold Residential Inventory is 4.5% lower, with 1,481 unsold homes on June 24, 2012 and 1,415 properties still listed for sale on June 23, 2013.

Unlike what is being seen in the Greater Louisville area, real estate in Elizabethtown has an Average Sales Price that is 11.6% lower than what is was this time last year. In 2012, properties were selling for an average of $153,496, this year the average price is down to $135,760.

However, similar to the Louisville market, properties are on the market for less time.

Average Days on Market – 2012: 163 days vs. 2013: 143 days


Southern Indiana

Months of Inventory – 23.9% lower than last year

2012: 8.8 months vs. 2013: 6.7 months

Unsold Residential Inventory – Down 3.9% this year

2012: 2,101 vs. 2013: 2,186

Average Sales Price – Increased 15.0% since 2012

2012: $123,404 vs. 2013: 141,921

Average Days on Market – 1 days less than last year

2012: 116 days vs. 2013 115 days

Data is complied through the GLAR, HKAR, and SIRA MLS systems

Mortgage Rates for July 31, 2012

Below you can see the mortgage rates from July 31, 2012.  
Please click the image below to view additional mortgage rates.

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Regional Market Snapshot for November 13, 2011

Click here to view this week’s Regional Market Snapshot.  From Elizabethtown Kentucky real estate to Louisville homes for sale, Oldham county real estate to Southern Indiana homes for sale, this snapshot is filled with statistics ranging from today to a year ago.  Take a look!  And here’s a glimpse of local real estate numbers from the past month:


Regional Market Snapshot for October 2, 2011

To the left is your Regional Market Snapshot for October 2, 2011.  It includes statistics for areas in Greater Louisville, Southern Indiana, and Elizabethtown, including Oldham County real estate, Shelbyville real estate, Hardin County real estate and New Albany homes for sale.  Click here to view the complete snapshot.

  • Currently there are 8,854 active residential listings currently on the market in Greater Louisville, 2,263 in Southern Indiana, and 1,594 in Elizabethtown.
  • There are 11.1 months of real estate inventory in the Greater Louisville market, 11.4 months of inventory in Southern Indiana, and 15.0 months of inventory in the Elizabethtown market.
  • The average sales price for Greater Louisville listings is $221,042, Southern Indiana is $165,086, and the average sales price for Elizabethtown is $172,895.

Regional Market Snapshot for 10/17/10

We present to you – this week’s Regional Market Snapshot.  Here are some numbers for the Elizabethtown & Fort Knox areas of Kentucky.  Ready?

  • Currently there are 1,534 active residential listings on the market
  • The average list price of these homes is $173,060
  • There are 10.7 months of inventory in this market.  That means that, if no other properties were listed, at the current rate of homes selling, it would take 10.7 months for all the listed homes to be sold.
  • In the last 12 months, over 2,200 homes have sold in the Elizabethtown/Fort Knox area. 
  • The average number of days they spent on the market was 129 days.


Does this put you in the mood to buy a home?  To sell a home?  We have hundreds of people who can help you do either.  Visit us here and get started!

Remember that the MLS data changes all the time, so the numbers will be 99.9% accurate as of the end of the day Sunday.  The data on the snapshot comes directly from the MLS websites.  We are not doing any special programming to produce these numbers.

Local Real Estate Statistics from 6/6/10

  • Regional Market SnapshotDid you know that there are currently 9,307 homes for sale in the Greater Louisville area real estate market? 
  • What about this?  The average list price of homes in the Southern Indiana area is $165,983.
  • In areas around Elizabethtown, Kentucky, there are 5.3 months of real estate inventory (you’d better hurry & find your next home before someone else does!).


So click on the image to the left to open up the full report of real estate happenings (past, present & future) in Southern Indiana, Greater Louisville, and Elizabethtown.

To search for homes for sale in your area, click here .   You’ll find thousands of homes for sale with thousands of pictures.

Remember that the MLS data changes all the time, so the numbers will be 99.9% accurate as of the end of the day Sunday.  The data on the snapshot comes directly from the MLS websites.  We are not doing any special programming to produce these numbers.

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