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Life in the Big City: Get a Taste of Downtown Louisville Living

The majority of us know what it’s like living in the suburbs, but have you ever wanted just a small taste of what life in the city would be like? This weekend is your chance to get a glimpse of downtown Louisville living during the 13th annual Downtown Living Tour. Multiple downtown condos, apartments, and lofts that are currently for sale will be showcased for tourists to explore this Sunday, October 12th, from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

The Downtown Living Tour, held by the Louisville Downtown Partnership (LDP), is open and free to the public, and will include free parking at Louisville Slugger Field. Tour participants are encouraged to check in at Hardscuffle Gallery, at the Fleur de Lis Condos on Main, located at 324 East Main Street, where the tour will begin. Along the route, members of the Louisville downtown Residents Association will be present to share stories and experiences with tour participants and to answer any questions.

In the past decade, the amount of residential properties in downtown Louisville has greatly increased and more have expressed excitement about moving to the city. Attend the Downtown Living Tour and see for yourself what downtown living is all about!

For more information about properties currently for sale in the downtown Louisville area, contact a Semonin agent, or search for homes on

Downtown Skyline Night

Fourth Street Live 1

Louisville Bats Game Night

Louisville Downtown 3




Remodeling Costs & Resale Value

Remodeling projects are a great way to add value to your home, but not all projects produce the same return. If you are looking to add value to your home, it is important to know how much certain jobs cost and how much of that money you will get back when you sell the property. Remodeling Magazine recently came out with the 2014 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report which provides estimates for national averages and for local areas such as the Greater Louisville region. Below are some remodel projects with their average cost and value recouped in our local area. Our averages are generally at or above the national percentage of cost recouped.

Project: Attic Bedroom; Job Cost: $47,725; Resale Value: $32,968; % Recouped: 69.10% Project: Basement Remodel; Job Cost: $59,830; Resale Value: $38,218; % Recouped: 63.90% Project: Bathroom Remodel; Job Cost: $15,444; Resale Value: $8,479; % Recouped: 54.90% Project: Family Room Addition; Job Cost: $76,667; Resale Value: $45,600; % Recouped: 59.50% Project: Garage Addition; Job Cost: $48,619; Resale Value: $27,496; % Recouped: 56.60% Project: Garage Door Replacement; Job Cost: $1,468; Resale Value: $1,054; % Recouped: 72.00% Project: Major Kitchen Remodel; Job Cost: $52,836; Resale Value: $36,762; % Recouped: 69.60% Project: Minor Kitchen Remodel; Job Cost: $18,211; Resale Value: $13,625; % Recouped: 74.80% Project: Master Suite Addition; Job Cost: $99,369; Resale Value: $60,196; % Recouped: 61.00% Project: Home Office Remodel; Job Cost: $26,923; Resale Value: $8,582; % Recouped: 31.90% Project: Roofing Replacement; Job Cost: $16,591; Resale Value: $9,112; % Recouped: 54.90% 

Louisville Rankings & Recognition (Infographic)

Best of Louisville Infographic

Neighborhood Spotlight: Anchorage

Nestled under a canopy of mature oak and magnolia trees and the blossoms of dogwoods is the pristine and reputable city of Anchorage, Kentucky located in northeastern Jefferson County. Tucked away in a quiet and serene setting, residents and visitors of the Anchorage community almost forget they are within minutes of Louisville’s most hustling and bustling urban areas.

Only three square miles in size, the city of Anchorage is bursting at the seams with character. The history and charm of the neighborhood has made it a reputable and desirable location for many Louisville residents.  Circled around the quaint, old-fashioned city center is an equal blend of historic estates, wealthy mansions, and cozy cottages. The homes in this community look as if they were plucked out of the pages of a magazine—real estate so renowned people often just drive around the neighborhood in admiration.

Also being known for its outstanding schools, exceptional city services, beautiful parks and hiking trails, and unique, upscale restaurants, Anchorage has been and continues to be one of the most preferable and wealthiest neighborhoods in the Louisville area.

Click here to view homes for sale in Anchorage, KY.

Neighborhood Spotlight: The Highlands

One of the oldest neighborhoods in Louisville, the Highlands was originally a wealthy area until the suburbs attracted its residents and businesses around 1960. The neighborhood was revived in the 1980s and has been one of the hippest parts of town ever since. Both Louisville residents and visitors know the area to be one of the most popular, eccentric, and energized areas of the city. Built around the infamous Bardstown Road and Baxter Avenue, the Highlands is dense with eclectic local shops, unique restaurants, and dynamic bars and nightclubs.

Passionate about the arts and culture, the Highlands is home to many local artists and musicians, enriching the community with a unique flare. There is also an event to attend whether it is a poetry reading at a café, an art showing at a local gallery, or live band playing at one of the bars. The community also emphasizes an active lifestyle as residents enjoy some Louisville’s most esteemed parks including Cherokee Park and Seneca Park & Golf Course.

Neighborhood streets in the Highlands are lined with older homes, but many have been renovated and modernized. Residents cherish the history and old architectural features of the area’s real estate, but enjoy giving their own home modern and quirky touches to incorporate the old with the new and compliment the area’s unique and artistic environment.

For a list of homes for sale in the Highlands, click here.

Neighborhood Spotlight: Polo Fields

Get a little bit of everything in Polo Fields

Golf, tennis, swimming, playgrounds, jogging paths, walking trails, upscale country club dining… what is this, some kind of resort? Close, but no. Located in the East Louisville area is the neighborhood of Polo Fields. In addition to its assortment of amenities, Polo Fields is also fully-equipped with a variety homes suitable for a wide range of buyers.

Polo Fields continues to expand, adding sections, or sub-neighborhoods, to accommodate different lifestyles within the single community. Some sections feature upscale, luxury style homes on larger lots that back up to a private wooded setting or directly along the golf course. But just by turning a couple of corners you can find yourself on streets full of life with energetic kids and neighbors congregating outside their newly constructed, spacious, yet affordable homes. Even ranch-style, low-maintenance homes, popular among the elderly and retirees, can be found in certain parts of Polo Fields, where people can enjoy a lifestyle similar to what condo-living offers without giving up the advantages of a single-family home.

In an area previously dominated by farm land, Polo Fields is part of a growing community as new developments are underway. Shopping, dining, and business developments have made plans to break ground and begin bringing a little more life and convenience to surrounding neighborhoods, including Polo Fields.

For a list of homes currently for sale in Polo Fields, click here.

Special Weekend Entertainment

You don’t need to wait for a special occasion to take a special outing. A number of unique shows are taking place in Louisville this weekend that you won’t want to miss!

For the Kids!

Photo Credit: KFC Yum Center

Photo Credit: KFC Yum Center

The Yum Center has transformed into an enchanted winter wonderland as Disney On Ice comes to celebrate 100 years of magic! Audiences of all ages will have be captivated as Disney’s unforgettable stories and charming characters come to life in a way the big screen could never capture. The show features the largest cast of everyone’s favorite Disney Characters, from the traditional Mickey and Minnie Mouse to Buzz Lightyear and Nemo. Disney On Ice incorporates beautiful choreographed figure skating, everyone’s favorite classic Disney songs, and exciting sets, costumes, and special effects.

The show will run through Sunday, September 22. To find more information and purchase tickets visit the KFC Yum Center’s official website.

Romantic Date Night

The Brown Theatre Photo Credit: The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts

The Brown Theatre
Photo Credit: The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts

For those couples or opera lovers who are wanting a night out on the town by themselves this weekend, the classic French opera, La Bohème will take the stage at the Brown Theatre (315 W. Broadway, Louisville, KY). The inspiring story set in early 19th century Paris is about young bohemians who find love while trying to make a living as artists. As one of the top ten performed operas, you will find yourself enthralled with the moments of joy and love, and absorbed in the harsh realities of poverty and sacrifice.

The show runs from Friday, September 20 through Sunday, September 22. Tickets begin at $34 and can be found on the Kentucky Center website.

Relive an America Classic

Credit: IMAX Corporation

Credit: IMAX Corporation

The Wizard of Oz has become one of the most treasured and beloved classic in entertainment history. To honor its 75th anniversary, the award-winning will take the big screen again for just one week. However, this time Dorothy and her friends invite you to join in on the journey to Oz in a 3-D IMAX experience! The re-imagined and re-mastered film will make audiences feel as if they can touch the infamous ruby slippers, smell the aroma of the poppy field, and jump right onto the yellow brick road to dance along with Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion.

Movie theaters will only be screening the film from Friday, September 20 through Thursday, September 26, so make your plans now to relive this timeless tale. Residents near Louisville can see the movie at the Stonybrook Theater (2745 S. Hurstborne Parkway, Louisville, KY 40220). Click here to find showtimes and tickets.

Take a Walk Through Henry’s Ark

Photo by spinnyd

Photo by spinnyd

It’s a place off-the-beaten-path where people walk amongst exotic animals, where chickens and ducks have zebras and camels as neighbors, and where children run up the dirt path to feed carrots to goats and donkeys—but to any passerby it looks to be just like any other ordinary Kentucky farm. What sounds like belongs in a fictional storybook is one of Louisville’s most unique and special attractions known as Henry’s Ark.

Tucked away in the city of Prospect, Kentucky, the simplicity of Henry’s Ark is what makes it unlike any other family attraction. There is no giant parking lot, no entry gate, and no ticket line. When visitors arrive at Henry’s Ark it feels no different than going to visit a friend’s house. Despite its growing popularity with local families and tourists, Henry’s Ark has preserved the farm’s rustic setting so that visitors can get a real taste of its natural environment. Being able to feed, pet, and walk beside the animals is an interactive experience that make visitors of all ages feel at home and free.

The owners of Henry’s Ark have always emphasized that they want to share their home, not sell it. There is no entry cost to visit, but donations are encouraged to help maintain the farm and keep it open to the public. It is not advertised on the radio, TV, or billboards but simply spread through word of mouth making Henry’s Ark one of Louisville’s best kept secrets.

Henry’s Ark is located off U.S. 42 in Prospect at 7801 Rose Island Road. Open Tuesday – Sunday from 10am to 6 pm. For more info call: 502-228-0746.

P.S. Don’t forget to bring some veggies for the animals!

Homearama 2013

The Home Builders Association of Louisville’s Homearama 2013 is just around the corner! This 16 day event invites the public to tour a number of homes showcasing the unique and professional work of Louisville’s most talented builders, designers, landscapers, and interior décor retailers. Whether you are shopping for your dream home, wanting to build your own custom home, looking for decorating inspiration, or simply enjoy exploring some of Louisville’s finest real estate, Homearama has something for everyone! This annual showcase is not just for people to “ooh” and “ah” at each home’s fabulous features, everything is for sale. So whether you find the home of your dreams or that one-of-a-kind artwork that would go perfect in your home, it’s all up for grabs! A number of vendors from Louisville and surrounding areas will also be present displaying all kinds of products ranging from security systems, to home insurance, to swimming pools.

This year’s Homearama will be held July 13th – 28th with home showcases at both the Locust Creek and Rock Springs neighborhoods. For more information including ticket prices, hours, and directions visit the official Homearama website.

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