Signs You’re Ready to Sell Your Home

ThinkstockPhotos-skd273191sdcWhen people start to outgrow things, they often notice signs that tells them it’s time for a change. So what are some of the signs its time for you to start looking for a new home?

Have you ever felt like your home is about to bust at its seams? If you look around and hate how cluttered and overpacked your home looks, first try to sort through and get rid of anything you don’t need or use. If your feeling doesn’t change, it may be a sign its time to move. As families grow, so does our need for space. Assess your financial situation—see how much your current home is worth, how much you still owe on your mortgage, etc.—and determine if you will be able to afford a home with the space you need. Interest rates are still at a historic low, and prices are projected to just keep rising. There will never be a better time to move-up. If you need more space, now is a great time to make the move.

If you feel the very opposite—your home is just too big for your needs now—it could be a sign its time to move. Perhaps your children have moved out and you find yourself with a lot of extra and unused space. Or you find yourself spending way too much time, energy, and money taking care your home’s upkeep and maintenance. These may both be signs your home no longer fits your family’s basic needs and it may be time to downsize.

Has your lifestyle recently changed? Certain life events, such as a new job, a divorce, a new baby, or retirement, can necessitate a change in the way you live your life and the requirements you need fulfilled by a home. If you are looking to spend more time traveling, you may want to purchase a smaller home that requires less maintenance. Or as your get older, or maybe taking care of an aging relative, a home with less stairs might suddenly be important to you. Whatever the reason may be, a change in your lifestyle may be a sign you’re ready to sell your home and move onto something new.

No longer feeling emotionally attached to your home may be another sign you are ready to sell and move on to the next chapter of your life. If this is the case for you, you’ll find it easier to sever ties with your home and the memories you have made there.

Lastly, perhaps you’re now out of debt, with cash in the bank. If you’re not financially ready to move you’re probably not ready to sell.

No single formula can determine when it’s the right time to sell your home. Contact a Semonin Realtor, who can provide honest advice as to what can be best for you, your family, and your budget.


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  1. Well if you have finance you are always ready to move.

    Sofia Taylor
    Business Analyst

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