The Perks of Building a Home


Home inventory levels are at historic lows. There simply isn’t much for buyers to choose from, and what is out there is FLYING off the market. Many buyers are facing competitive multiple offer situations, being outbid by another buyer, simply not finding what they need, or not even getting the chance to walk through a property before it’s under contract. There is one solution that many buyers may not have considered, but definitely has its own unique perks—new construction.

Everything is New! When moving into an existing home there’s a chance that hidden costs will arise. A fresh coat of paint, upgrading fixtures, making repairs big and small—the costs can really start to add up. A new home requires less maintenance and already has your preferred design aesthetics, because you were able to pick them out! Which leads us to our next advantage of building your own home:

Design Control. When you build new construction, you design every detail of the house from the ground up. You can literally hand-select everything; the layout, the kitchen cabinets, where electrical outlets are installed etc. No one but yourself knows how you live in your home, so building your own home helps ensure that you will use 100% it. If you don’t have a use for a formal dining room, you don’t have to have one! No wasted space, no unwanted features. When you build, it’s all up to you (and your budget, of course).

It can be better for you and the environment. Many people don’t consider that a new home can literally keep them healthier. A new home is less likely to have the health concerns or toxic materials of older homes (asbestos, mold, lead paint, etc.). New homes are also built with sustainability in mind and are more energy efficient, making them better for the environment and saving you money on energy costs.

Building a home takes time and patience, however if your timetable allows it, you will probably find it to be well worth the wait. Just remember to stay disciplined with your budget, choose a builder you can trust, and think of the level of satisfaction and accomplishment you’ll feel when you spend your first night in the finished product.

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