Home Maintenance Tips For Fall

Fall Home

Check The Chimney
Cooler weather is rolling in and it will soon be time to put the life back into those fireplaces that have been hibernating since last winter. Autumn is the time of year to prep your fireplace, insuring it will work properly and safely. Buildup of creosote and other residue can lead to chimney fires and cause carbon monoxide to enter rather than exit your home. Schedule an appointment with a chimney sweep to inspect and clean your fireplace. To avoid a long wait during the busy season, call and request a visit early in the fall season.

Unclutter The Gutters
Leaves and debris that gather in and clog your gutters inhibits water to properly drain away from your home. This can cause mold, leaks, and pest problems. To avoid damage to your home’s roof and siding regularly check and clean your gutters. Installing gutter guards can help make this job a lot easier, however even with guards, routine checks should still be made.

Tend to the Lawn of Leaves
It can seem almost over night that those vibrant red, orange, and yellow leaves have made their way from the tops of the autumn trees down to the surface of your yard like a think blanket. Leaving the leaves to pile on your lawn can prevent the grass from getting the sunlight and nutrients it needs to the point where they suffocate the grass. This can lead to many insect and disease issues. Raking and bagging the fallen leaves is not the only solution. You could put the raked leaves into a compost bin which can later be used as a fertile mulch in your garden or landscape. An easier solution is simply using your lawn mower to dice the leaves into bits too small to rake. This not only allows the grass to still be exposed to sunlight, but also enable the small bits of leaves to make their way down to the soil where they can break down over winter and add their nutrients to your lawn.

Ensure Insulation 
With winter right around the corner, now is a good time to ensure you can keep warm. Inspect the insulation in your attic to make sure it is correctly installed—call a professional to take a look if needed. Your windows and doors can also become quite drafty in the cold winters, so make sure they are well sealed. Where needed, reapply caulk around the edges of windows and door frames and add weather-stripping around doors so that daylight is not visible from inside your home. Lastly, as the A/C days come to an end for the year, include changing the furnace filter as a part of your fall home maintenance checklist.


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