Getting Your Home Organized

Are you having trouble conquering your clutter once and for all? There are many, many tips and tricks for getting your home organized, but here are four valuable points that you should keep top of mind.Organized

1.  Start with the problems that affect your everyday routine.

An area or room in your home that you use to store a lot of your rarely used items may be a nightmare to look at, but if it does not affect the way your live your daily life consider tackling other areas first. Foyers or other entry ways can be a good starting point since this is where a lot of traffic happens.

Keep in mind that the system you come up with to organize the areas that you use the most need to be the simplest and easiest to keep up with. If a system turns out to be more of a hassle than a help, chances are you won’t stick with it for very long and you’ll find yourself back to square one.


2. Develop a plan before diving in.

Especially when you are tackling an entire room take a step back and look at what you are actually dealing with. This will help you develop a clear vision for how you want it organized before you actually start tossing and sorting. Take a thorough inventory of what is currently in the room and determine what problems you are trying to solve. Then you will be able to better categorize everything in a way that makes the most sense.

It also helps to clear everything out of a room, closet, or drawer before you do a big organizing overhaul. Starting with a blank slate forces you to be more selective when it comes to what goes back into the space and where.


3. Get creative.

Bins and baskets can fill up floor and shelf space pretty quickly and there is only so much you can organize into drawers before the drawer itself becomes unorganized. Think out of the box when it comes to where to put things. For example, the backs of closet and cabinet doors are a great places to hang hooks and racks that gain instant and discrete storage space.

Re-purposing is another way to exercise your creativity as well as save you some money. Why should you spend $15 on a pretty box, when you can create your own with a shoe box and paint or fabric?


4. Remember that organizing is a constant process.

After a day or weekend of rearranging shelves, labeling bins, and sorting through drawers you can find your home to be in pretty good order. However, getting organized is one thing, staying that way is another. Having a designated tray by the door to drop your mail is only a good thing if it is regularly sorted through and kept from piling up and spilling over. Stay disciplined and take time everyday making sure your organizing systems are still working for your home.


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