Preparing for a New MLS

A MLS (Multiple Listing Service or Multiple Listing System) is a database used by real estate brokers and licensed real estate agents to search and gather information about all homes listed for sale by other broker participants. Sale history of properties is also stored in the MLS and can be used to compile data and market statistics. MLS developers are constantly coming up with new resources such as interactive maps, prospect and portal tools, customizable saved searches, and much more.

The Greater Louisville Association of Realtors (GLAR) made the decision to switch systems, a change that will take effect Monday, January 20th. As of Monday, the system agents have used in the Greater Louisville region for years, known as List-It, will be static information. All updates and new listings will be posted to the new site, FlexMLS.

FlexMLS will provide real estate professionals in the area a variety of new and innovative tools that can enhance the way business is done. Since the MLS is a primary resource for real estate agents—one that is used on a daily basis by most—it is essential these professionals understand how to operate and navigate the site.

At Semonin Realtors®, we have been spending the past couple of weeks preparing for this change and have performed a number of training classes offered exclusively for Semonin agents. The Marketology department at Semonin has also put together a 100-page manual agents can use as a reference guide to help them through this transition. We have gotten raving reviews from a number of agents who have already attended one of these classes, which we will continue to hold throughout the coming weeks. Here are a few photos of some of the training courses:

Semonin Realtors

Semonin Realtors


Semonin Realtors

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