3 Ways to Welcome New Neighbors

Welcome new neighbors

As a kid, it was always difficult to be the new kid in class. Being the new neighbor on the street can feel the same way. Reaching out and welcoming any newcomers can help your neighborhood maintain a good sense of community and camaraderie. However, many people have a hard time finding ways to reach out without seeming invasive and pushy. While a quick stop by to say hello or to deliver food is never a bad idea, there are other ways to extend a unique and helpful welcome. Try these 3 friendly ways to break the ice and greet the new neighbors:

1. Drop by a neighborhood “cheat sheet”. Moving in to a new home can be stressful with all the unpacking and settling in. Not knowing certain things about the area can make the process even more overwhelming. To help ease the pain for your new neighbors, drop by a short list of neighborhood things, such as important phone numbers, places, or dates like what day is garbage pickup. Include where the nearest grocery store, hospital, or park is located, and recommend the best pizza delivery in town. This gesture will not only break the ice and give you a reason to introduce yourself and welcome them to the neighborhood, but it will also provide them with a helpful reference that they will surely be grateful for.

2. Invite them to a neighborhood party or event. If you were ever the new kid in class, you understand how difficult it can be to become included. All the children have already formed their little groups of friends and as the newbie, you don’t want to intrude, you want to be invited. When new neighbors move in, make them feel welcome and included by extending an invitation to a neighborhood function. Offer to walk together or give them a ride so they feel more comfortable arriving at the event where they don’t know anyone. Keep in mind the big to-do list they probably have on their plate with the move, so don’t be offended if your invitation is declined. Give them a little time to settle in and they might take you up on the next event.

3. Offer ways to help them settle in. With so much to do, many new neighbors don’t want to be constantly disrupted with people delivering pies and wanting to chat. Think of ways you could lighten their load, such as watching their kids in the yard for a day, or mowing their lawn after yours is done. They will appreciate the consideration or these kinds of gestures that respect their needs.



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