Keep Your Home Organized This School Year

The new school year is officially in full swing! Finally you have time during the day to get things done and maybe even enjoy some peace and quiet! But along with this daytime bliss, often comes afternoon chaos. The kids barge through the door like an out of control tornado, tossing backpacks and jackets onto the couch, kicking shoes off at the bottom of the stairs and in front of doors, and your kitchen counter is suddenly swimming in a pile of school handouts, graded papers, and homework assignments. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself looking around and asking, “What. Just. Happened?!”

Your home does not need to be a victim of this school year, with some creativity and some discipline you can maintain a tidy and organized home.

1. Create a Filing System for School Papers


Make a binder for each child you have in school, labeling it with their name and the school year or grade they are in. Use this binder to store any handouts sent home from school that you may need to reference throughout the year. For even better organization, use tabs to separate different groups. This binder can be used to collect things like:

– Course schedules
– Classroom rules
– School calendars
– Report cards and progress reports
– Newsletters
– Event flyers
– Lunchroom menus

3. Set Up Assigned Cubbies or Hooks

Kids get excited about having lockers at school because it’s a space of their own. Recreate this idea at home by designating an area for each child to store their backpacks, shoes, jackets, and lunchboxes and encourage them to decorate and personalize the space. A good rule is to have your kids put their stuff away before doing anything else. This will help control the mess and keep things from getting misplaced or lost.

4. Keep a Wall Calendar for Everyone to See78401094

From hurrying out the door in the morning to rushing to get the kids fed, bathed, and in bed at night it is so easy to forget things. Keep a weekly or monthly calendar on the wall that you will be sure to see every day. Use this calendar to record things like doctor appointments, sporting events, after-school activities, field trips, etc. This will help you stay prepared for upcoming occasions and ensure everyone is where they are supposed to be when they need to be.

2. Use Storage Bins to Collect Keepsakes

It is neat to see your student’s progress throughout the year, but putting every returned assignment up on the fridge or in a pile on the counter can create a serious clutter problem. Use a bin labeled with your child’s current grade to store returned assignments, artwork, projects, and awards after you’ve displayed them for the whole family see. Remember that you do not have to keep every single worksheet or quiz, just a few items that will be fun for you and your student to look back on.

With your already full and chaotic schedule, you may think there is simply no time for these organizational tasks. However, when done regularly, these responsibilities can become second nature to you and ultimately save you time.  As a good rule of thumb, when the kids are doing their homework, you do yours! Take the time each day to sort through anything the kids have brought home and put each item in their rightful place.

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