Tolls Coming To Ohio River Bridges

Credit The Ohio River Bridges Project

Credit The Ohio River Bridges Project

Southern Indiana and Greater Louisville have always had a sense of harmony as residents from both sides frequently commute back and forth for jobs, real estate, and leisure. While the current Ohio River bridge construction will provide easier passage across the Indiana-Kentucky border, it is going to come with a cost. Plans to implement a tolling system along the Ohio River bridges are underway and bridge project leaders have announced brief details of the operation.

The tolling system will be unlike traditional tolls where drivers wait in line to hand cash to an attendant or dig for spare change to throw in a machine. Instead the bridges will feature electronic monitoring and video cameras. Commuters will have the option to obtain a transponder, which will send an electronic signal whenever they cross the bridge and automatically deduct the toll fee from a prepaid account. For those without the device will be tracked via video recordings. Cameras will capture license plate numbers and drivers will later receive a bill in the mail.

The official toll rates have not been decided, but the proposals expected to be approved are ranging from $1 for frequent commuters who have for the transponder device all the way up to $10 for commercial trucks. Drivers in regular sized vehicles and without the transponder are expected to face fees from $2 to $5. The projected date to begin toll operation is still in the works as well. Bridge travelers should expect to face this new expense around 2016.

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