Take a Walk Through Henry’s Ark

Photo by spinnyd

Photo by spinnyd

It’s a place off-the-beaten-path where people walk amongst exotic animals, where chickens and ducks have zebras and camels as neighbors, and where children run up the dirt path to feed carrots to goats and donkeys—but to any passerby it looks to be just like any other ordinary Kentucky farm. What sounds like belongs in a fictional storybook is one of Louisville’s most unique and special attractions known as Henry’s Ark.

Tucked away in the city of Prospect, Kentucky, the simplicity of Henry’s Ark is what makes it unlike any other family attraction. There is no giant parking lot, no entry gate, and no ticket line. When visitors arrive at Henry’s Ark it feels no different than going to visit a friend’s house. Despite its growing popularity with local families and tourists, Henry’s Ark has preserved the farm’s rustic setting so that visitors can get a real taste of its natural environment. Being able to feed, pet, and walk beside the animals is an interactive experience that make visitors of all ages feel at home and free.

The owners of Henry’s Ark have always emphasized that they want to share their home, not sell it. There is no entry cost to visit, but donations are encouraged to help maintain the farm and keep it open to the public. It is not advertised on the radio, TV, or billboards but simply spread through word of mouth making Henry’s Ark one of Louisville’s best kept secrets.

Henry’s Ark is located off U.S. 42 in Prospect at 7801 Rose Island Road. Open Tuesday – Sunday from 10am to 6 pm. For more info call: 502-228-0746.

P.S. Don’t forget to bring some veggies for the animals!

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