Beat The Summertime Heat

Hot SummerIt’s officially summer and the things are heating up and will only continue to rise through the autumn months. Keeping your home cool and your energy bills from skyrocketing doesn’t mean you have to sweat it out this season. Use these four tricks to beat the heat!

Block the Sun!

And we don’t just mean with the SPF 45 lotion. The sunlight that streams into your house is acting as the last thing you want during the smoldering summer months—a natural heater. By keeping the sunlight out of your home during the day, you’ll keep your home much cooler without having to crank up the AC. So close those blinds and drapes to reduce that solar heat and your energy bill.

Special Tip: Reflect the sun’s rays by using light colored curtains, and block excess air movement by letting them puddle onto the floor.

Flip on the Fans

Keep the air circulating through your home with ceiling and portable fans to maintain a cooler temperature that requires less energy than your AC. Many ceiling fans are reversible with one setting that will push air down and the other that will suck air up. During the summer months make sure your ceiling fan is set on the rotation that pushes air down to keep the cool air in the room instead of escaping through the roof. It is also important to remember that the motors of ceiling fans give off heat, so turning them off when you are not in a room is a good energy saver.

Special Tip: Set bowls of ice water in front of portable fans to chill the air that is being pushed out.

Avoid The Oven

To truly beat the heat, you should stay away from fueling it. Keep your home cool by avoiding using appliances that emit heat, such as your oven, range, or dryer, especially during the hottest time of the day. Try washing laundry during the day and using the dryer at night. Or better yet, take advantage of the summertime heat and hang them up on a line outside. As for not using the oven or range, just consider it a good excuse to order in or go out for meals!

A Clean Filter = A Working Filter

A clean filter is a working filter. The dirtier an air filter is the harder your air conditioning unit has to work to cool your home to the temperature you’ve set on the thermostat. Cleaning an air filter can be a dirty job, but it is vital when it comes to saving money. Many homeowners have found it easier to use the disposable filters that can be swapped out once a month or once every three months. This way you can simply throw away the old filter and avoid having to wash away the dirt and dust by hand.

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