Make Your Home the Talk of the Block!

4 Quick and Inexpensive Ways to Enhance Curb Appeal

‘Tis the season to go for a morning jog or afternoon stroll, sip iced tea on the front porch, mow the lawn and grow the garden, and teach the kids to ride their bikes. Warm weather has arrived and everyone is outside enjoying the fresh air, admiring the colors of spring, and—whether you like it or not—noticing the exterior appearance of your home.

Improving the outside look of your home doesn’t have to require a full-blown, expensive makeover. The easiest and slightest improvements can make a huge difference in your home’s curb appeal.

Front DoorPaint the front door.

Your front door is a major focal point of your home. Whether you use a bold red or a subtle blue, simply giving it a pop of color can make the entire house look fresh and vibrant.

HardwareUpgrade the hardware.

Old light fixtures and dull house numbers can make the entire house seem just that: old and dull. By replacing old hardware, or even sprucing up what you have with a little spray paint, your home can have a more polished look. Choose hardware of similar styles and colors to create a neat, uniform look.

Window BoxesInstall window boxes.

You don’t have to be a gardener to add flowers to your curb appeal. Window boxes offer a quick and easy way to add color and charm to your home’s exterior.

House lightsAdd illumination.

Lighting the outside of you home will give it a nighttime glow that will provide your home’s curb appeal with a welcoming and elegant ambiance  and also serve as a safety feature. This technique can spotlight certain features of your home’s exterior décor and add dimension. Adding this effect does not have to require complicated wiring or electrical work. Lining the shrubbery or the path to your front door with solar lights that simply stake into the ground is a quick and easy installation.

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