Who Cleans Up After Holiday Celebrations?


Homes this time of the year are decorated so beautifully.  With Christmas and holiday decorations, lights, and ambiance, it’s easy to become awestruck at the transformation of people’s homes.  So when these people throw holiday parties in these homes, who is left to clean up after the festivities?

What’s your take on it?  Who currently cleans up the aftermath of family gatherings, work parties, or holiday celebrations?  Who should do it?

Do you let the kids do the dirty work?  Is the host or hostess obligated to pick up?  Do the guests volunteer to take care of the clearing the tables and washing the dishes?  Do you escape the work by going to someone else’s house to celebrate?  Hold events at restaurants or clubs?  

Let us know: who cleans up (or should clean up) after a day of holiday cheer?


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