Write a Letter to Your Realtor®

Have you worked with a Realtor in Kentucky?  Have you been assisted by a Real Estate agent in Indiana?  If you are working with or have worked with a professional at Semonin Realtors®, the answer to at least one of those questions is “Yes.”

Here’s what I’d like you to do.  I want you to write a letter to your Realtor about anything at all that may be relevant to your relationship with them.  

Do you want to brag on them about their real estate guidance?

Do you want to kindly suggest they change some of their real estate strategies?

If you don’t have a Realtor of your own, what would you write in a letter to a Realtor that you would choose to help you sell your home or buy your next home?

Here’s an example of a letter to a Realtor:

Dear Bill Realtor,

Thank you so much for your help in selling my uncle’s estate.  You were very kind to my family as we were going through a trying time.  You communicated with us nearly every day, even when there was not much news to tell.  You encouraged us on ways to sell the home faster, but never pushed us too hard.  You have been a faithful real estate agent and a loyal friend.  Thank you again for taking care of my family.  I will be certain to recommend you as Realtor to everyone I know.


Henry Seller

Now it’s your turn.  What would you like to write in a letter to your real estate agent?

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