When Did Americans Start Playing It Safe?

Written by Steve Harney ~ KCM Blog

There seems to be a paralysis in America right now. Companies are afraid to hire even though they are sitting on hordes of cash. Politicians are afraid to show leadership on certain issues as it may cost them the next election. People are afraid to move forward with a purchase of a home because they are afraid a better buy will appear next week. Everyone wants to PLAY IT SAFE.

Playing it safe did not make this country what it is today. If General Washington played it safe, we would still be talking with a British accent. If Dr. King played it safe, he would have told us about a plan he had not that he had a dream. If Disney played it safe, there would be no Disneyworld.

If my pop played it safe, he would have kept us in an apartment in the Bronx and not moved us 50 miles east into our own home with our own backyard on Long Island. However, he didn’t play it safe. Was he nervous about the financial responsibilities that came with buying his first home? Of course he was. But he loved his family so much he didn’t allow fear to paralyze him. He conquered his fear and did what he knew was the right thing to do. If he were alive today, I’d hug him right now.

Companies, politicians and the American people have to get back to dreaming and doing the right thing. This country has always been a place where, if you work hard, your dreams can come true. That is still true today.


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