Avoid Costly Mistakes When Buying a Home

Core material from MassBuyerAgents.com ~ Tom Wemett, Author

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You can easily avoid these mistakes with a little insight on your part.  This will provide you with an outline and information to help you begin to understand some of the most important areas of concern that you should have when you begin your home buying adventure. 

We have identified the dozen mistakes most often made by home buyers and we have given suggestions to help you avoid making these same mistakes yourself. 

Mistake #1 – Not Reviewing Your Credit History
Mistake #2 – Not Understanding Financing Options or Getting Pre-Approved For a Mortgage (Please visit Semonin’s Home Mortgage Consultants for financing options and answers to your questions.)
Mistake #3 – Not Having A Clear Idea of One’s Needs and Wants
Mistake #4 – Not Setting Realistic Goals
Mistake #5 – Not Becoming Familiar With the Market For Homes in the Area Being Considered
Mistake #6 – Not looking at or Considering “All” Homes Available That Meet Your Requirements
Mistake #7 – Not Working With the Right Agent (Find your next Realtor® here.  We have nearly 600 qualified real estate agents from which to choose.)
Mistake #8 – Not Having a Negotiating Strategy in Mind Before Making an Offer
Mistake #9 – Failure to Include Contingencies for Property and Mechanical Systems Inspections
Mistake #10 – Failure to Include Other Contingencies in the Purchase Offer and Contract
Mistake #11 – Failure to Continue to Monitor and Follow-up
Mistake #12 – Failure to Prepare For and Foresee Problems at Closing Time


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