Louisville? Underrated?? Oh, we have GOT to be changing that!

Picked up a magazine from the mail box last night and immediately it fell open to a tidbit about Louisville being ranked as a top underrated city.   Just under that, it then incorrectly said “overrated.”  My smile turned to a defensive grimace.  In the next sentence, however, it reverted to “underrated.”  It was clear this was just a hasty proofreading or editing error, but, you know how it is when your emotions become invested.  I couldn’t waste any time checking it out, and neither should you.

ShermansTravel ranked Louisville as their fifth most underrated city in their list of “some less-talked-about places with great art scenes, friendly locals, delectable cuisine, and/or rich history.”  Specifically noted for Louisville were its “cosmopolitan riverfront district,” “diverse art scene,” and “growing foodie market with its own Restaurant Row.”  (Hey, I told you it was Louie-ville Foodie-ville, or aren’t you reading all of my posts? )

Here’s to ShermansTravel for sharing the love of Louisville!

Barbara Asher

Barbara Anne Asher

About Barbara Anne Asher

Barbara is a Realtor with Semonin Realtors, an avid ballroom/latin/swing dancer and active in the community. She enjoys nature and has a passion for art and music. With a BS in Business Administration - Marketing and an MAT in Business, Barbara understands the complexities of real estate transactions as well as the current market. Her years as a computer consultant make her a natural for the current trend of internet marketing for real estate.

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  1. Yes Louisville is underrated but let it be so. It’ our little secret. Tell everyone and they’ll all move here and mess it up. Keep Louisville underrated I say!!!

  2. I have to agree that Louisville is underrated, but I have many friends who wish they were able buy one fo to offer.They miss being close to parks,and great school. Many miss home thier home in the lousiville area and wish they could come back.

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