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I love Louisville!  I can’t say that I always have–I tried pretty hard to find a job elsewhere after college, but luckily for me, interviews in big cities were difficult to get.  I wanted to live in an exciting, world-class city, like the one I was born in, Chicago, or the one I loved to visit, New York.  Then, one day, I realized that I already lived in such a city!

So, just what makes a city exciting and world-class?  In my mind, it was the colorful array of humanity that I imagined to be bursting forth at every busy street corner.  My earliest childhood friends had families who spoke different languages and kitchens that smelled so wonderfully different.  Just playing at a friend’s house was an exciting adventure for the senses!

And, the city also had to be “big.”  I’ve always felt at home in crowds–they are just so full of promise… the new friend you might meet, the adventure waiting to be had.  Maybe it was all of those new schools I had to go to that taught me crowd appreciation, I’m not sure.  But crowds were definitely part of my “exciting, world-class city” vision.  Oh, my sweet memories of hot summer nights at a Chicago Jazz Festival with my best friend, Lisa! and hot summer days in the same city for the Taste festival.

Well, guess what?  The older I get, and the more big cities Lisa moves to and through, the more I realize that I prefer my weekends in Louisville.  World class festivals?  We have ’em!  Colorful array of humanity?  We have ’em!  Big crowds? Oh yeah, we’ve got them, too!  Wonderfully different smells wafting from ethnic kitchens?  Oh, my, have we got those!

Let’s celebrate the wonderful sights, sounds, and tastes of Louisville and its Kentuckiana area.  Watch this spot for area events, and bring the stories of your favorites, too.  Hey, it’s Friday, have you made your list of festivals and events to visit yet?

Barbara Asher

Barbara Anne Asher

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About Barbara Anne Asher

Barbara is a Realtor with Semonin Realtors, an avid ballroom/latin/swing dancer and active in the community. She enjoys nature and has a passion for art and music. With a BS in Business Administration - Marketing and an MAT in Business, Barbara understands the complexities of real estate transactions as well as the current market. Her years as a computer consultant make her a natural for the current trend of internet marketing for real estate.

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