What Would You Change?

If you could change something about a past home purchase, what would it be?

Purchasing a home is a big deal.  And a stressful one.  And it’s exciting and exhilarating and emotional.  So after your emotions have settled and after you have settled into your home, tell me – what would you have done differently if you could have a home-purchase do-over?  It could have something to do with searching for a home or your “want” and “need” list.  It may be a Realtor® who wasn’t the right fit for you.  Perhaps it’s the moving process – your movers (or your friends), boxing up all your possessions, or unpacking them. 

For me, it was one small thing left out of my “want” list.  You see, my Realtor® was amazing.  He was kind-hearted, compassionate, patient, and fought for us to get what we wanted.  He listened to what we wanted & was exceptionally responsive.  On my “want” list, though, I didn’t consider writing that I wanted some land.  Not a lot, though that would have been fine – just more than what I ended up purchasing with the house.  If I could do it over, I would include a wee bit of acreage as a must in my home search. 

How about you?  What would you change in your home buying experience?

If you need a jump start on searching for your next home or your next Realtor®, start here.

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