Should You Sell Your Own Home? (Post 3 of 3)

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Should you sell your own home?  Your goal is to sell your home in the shortest time for the most money.  You feel by NOT hiring a Realtor®, you can save on the real estate commission by selling the home yourself.  Consider the following steps you must take:

11. Negotiate with buyers.  Throughout the negotiation it is important to remain calm and act as an impartial third party.  This can “make or break” a sale.

12. Home inspection preparation.  Many buyers stipulate in their contracts that the offer is contingent upon a favorable inspection.  Therefore, find out what will take place when your home is inspected and be prepared to respond to problems that may be uncovered.  You must be available when the prospective buyers schedule the inspection.  A typical inspection will last one to three hours.

13. Educate yourself on radon testing. More homebuyers are now insisting on radon tests as part of the home buying process.  Contact your county public health department, or call the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for more information.  Your understanding of radon could be your best ally and eliminate problems from buyers.

14. Finalize sale.  Obtain all forms necessary for the legal sale of your property.  Your attorney and banker can assist you with all the details.  If not, remember to negotiate with the buyer(s) all final terms such as price, financing, inspections, date of closing, date of possession, etc.  A final walk-through should be planned (have a witness present) in order to prevent any disputes.

15. Purchase your new property.  While marketing your current property, locate and negotiate your next purchase.  Both transactions should take place at the same time.  This schedule will enable you, and the buyer of your  property, to move at the same time.

For a complete printable list of home selling tips, click here

You may be one of those people who is comfortable in the role of “For Sale by Owner,” but if you aren’t, a Semonin agent will be happy to assist you in any way.  Call today.  And remember Semonin Realtors is dedicated to giving you superior service.  We will sell your home in the shortest time – for the best price – and make the sale of your home as smooth as possible.

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