The House that Got Away

For any of you who have fallen in love with a home, only to lose it in the process of searching for a home or putting an offer on a home, we’d like to hear your story about “The One That Got Away.”  Did you have your sights & your heart set on a home, only to find out that someone else laid claim to it before you did?

Let us know about that house, the series of events that took place, and finally, your current residence.

For inspiration, read this excerpt from Prime Magazine online: 
“You have found a place and decided to make an offer. You and your realtor have decided on a good starting price (never offer full right off the bat. Sure there are exceptions to this rule… but really, don’t do it). You fill out the paperwork, you’re really excited, your realtor lets you know they are fully confident in the process and they believe you will be able to get this house. You start planning on what you are going to do with the place. Rooms are going to change, yard work will be done, and there will be paint. A few days pass, you hear nothing. Finally, your realtor calls, someone else got the house.

There is a certain type of depression that always set in on after that phone call. After talking to a few people I get the impression that it happens to most everyone in this situation. You are beat mentally. You have just offered these people a substantial amount of money for a home. A place you were going to install a home theater, a place that was perfect for your all night drunken Guitar Hero sessions, and now it is someone else’s. When this happens you don’t feel like looking at houses anymore. On more than one occasion I felt like just going back to the apartment life. This, like most other depressions, is only temporary. You have to push through it and start looking again. Go ahead and take a day off from searching, you will be burnt out on houses and nothing will satisfy you, but more than a day off and you could miss that dream house down the road…”

Now it’s your turn – let’s hear about the house that got away!


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