What I Learned About Moving Without A Boyfriend

Posted by Marilyn Chavez

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In Kentucky real estate, as well as in most parts of the country, buying a home is a major event in a person’s life.  In most cases, it involves looking at properties, getting a loan, writing an offer, and hoping to get the best price.  One aspect of the process that sometimes gets overlooked is what it takes to get one person out of a home and another one in.

Moving has always been a part of the process in buying and selling real estate.  Sellers move out, buyers move in.   Recently, I heard about a young woman who was experiencing moving in a new way.  Her experience, cited below, can be a life lesson for anyone who is pondering a move, at any stage of their life.  Read her words…and learn.

“Finding a new place was done in record time. It was then time to get moving on my moving situation. For the previous four moves in my life, I had had a significant other who was more than willing to pick up heavy boxes, drive trucks and, in general, get sweaty on my behalf. This would be the first time when I would go it alone.

 Here are the top five lessons I learned from the experience.


You can’t judge a mover by its cover. Just because the moving company may sound like it’s sending Brad Pitt & Dwayne Johnson to your place to transport your stuff doesn’t mean you should ready yourself for Greek gods. Don’t let the name fool you. To “ 2 Marines and A Truck”, “3 Ready and Willing Guys”, and other names which sound kind of cute, I say: you fooled me once, but never again.


Be in a sticky situation. TAPE EVERY SIDE OF EVERY BOX…EVERY! Just because you’ve done that funky box folding trick doesn’t mean that your valuables are safe. Your miscellaneous box filled with bedroom chatchkis, old CD’s and accordion files will be the first to fall apart, thanks to the moving gods and their sick sense of humor.


Mark your territory— There is no number low enough on the fun scale to explain the tedious process of opening box after box on a quest for your sheets at 2 in the morning. I often think about how different my world would have been with the simple purchase of a permanent marker…oh to dream.


Consider your pee-ing situation—Even if all of your stuff makes it to your new place on the wings of doves gently landing on down stuffed pillows, rage will consume you if you have no toilet paper. Similar to how my mom always told me to pack an extra pair of underwear in my purse when I traveled,  bring enough accessible toilet paper for a nuclear war. You don’t know when you’ll crawl out from your box graveyard.


–Invest properly. Two words: pizza and beer. No one really likes to help their friends move, but everyone has a price. Lucky for you, your guy friends will most likely set their cost at pizza and beer (yet another reason for the t.p.).


Moving can be a stressful situation but if you heed my warnings, anyone can make the transition without too much drama or trauma. May you have a safe and stress-free move—and may all your glassware arrive in one piece!”

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