Should You Sell Your Own Home? (post 1 of 3)

Should you sell your own home?  Your goal is to sell your home in the shortest time for the most money.  You feel by NOT hiring a Realtor®, you can save on the real estate commission by selling the home yourself.  Consider the following steps you must take:

1. Inspect your home.  Are there any repairs or improvements needed?  Gutters and roof in good condition?  New paint – inside and/or out?  Plumbing and appliances in working order?  Clean windows, walls, floors, garage, etc.

2. Make all necessary repairs/improvements.  All this must be completed before you begin to advertise your home.

3. Analyze competitive market.  Investigate properties recently sold or “For Sale” in your immediate area.  Don’t forget to research prices and terms of sales in the current real estate market.

4. Check on financing.  Determine alternatives in financing for your prospective buyers.

5. Obtain yard and open house signs.  Purchase or design a weather-proof “For Sale” sign for your front yard.  Don’t forget “Open House” signs.  On the day of your open house they need to be placed in strategic locations around your neighborhood – on main roads.  (Don’t forget to remove them after your open houses.)

More information will be available on selling your own home in the next two weeks.  For a complete printable list, click here
Or better yet, to find a Realtor® to help you sell your house, click here.

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