Preparing Your Home to Sell – Part 3 (of 3)

When showing your house, don’t just show it – show it off!  You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.

GETTING PREPARED ~ During Showings

  • Open draperies and curtains.
  • Turn on enough lights to brighten every corner, day and night.
  • Remove dirty dishes.
  • Make beds.
  • Noise is distracting.  Be sure TV and radios are turned off, although soft background music is acceptable.
  • It’s best to keep pets out of the house.  Even the friendliest pets become anxious when strangers appear.
  • Put away valuables such as jewelry and cash, or remove completely.
  • Never enter into a conversation with a prospect.  Let the Realtor who is showing your home answer any questions the prospective buyers may have.  It is best you leave while the house is being shown.
  • If prospective buyers come by unexpectedly without a broker, get their name and phone number.  FOR YOUR OWN PROTECTION, DO NOT SHOW THE HOME.  Have unescorted buyers call your Realtor for an appointment.  Your cooperation will be appreciated and will help close the sale more quickly.

Don’t try to sell it on your own – a Realtor can help you with these preparation tips & can guide you in your home’s sale.

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