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Former Army Sergeant Receives Home Courtesy of Wells Fargo

Matt Kinsey, a former Army sergeant and member of the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team, and his girlfriend Christina were the recipients of a remodeled house courtesy of Wells Fargo. Matt and Christina received the keys to the house yesterday, enabling them to see it for the first time. Semonin agent Jay Wyzard was instrumental in the process. Matt is most deserving of this fantastic house in New Albany and Semonin is honored to have had a special part in it.

A former Army sergeant, receives home courtesy of Wells Fargo

A former Army sergeant, receives home courtesy of Wells Fargo

Matt Kinsey, a former Army sergeant and member of the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team, recipient of a remodeled house courtesy of Wells Fargo

A former Army sergeant, receives key to new home

Home Listed by Semonin Realtors

A former Army sergeant, receives home courtesy of Wells Fargo


At Semonin Realtors, we strive to lead differently, teach relentlessly, and serve passionately. To be able to give back to those who serve our country is so meaningful to the Semonin family. In further efforts to assist our military moving in or out of the Kentuckiana region, Semonin Realtors participates in the U.S. Military of the Move program to say thank you to all our service men and women. This program allows military active duty, retired (20 years of service) and wounded warriors to earn cash back when they buy or sell a home with Semonin Realtors®.

Poll: What’s Important to You?

People choose the home they buy for all kinds of different reasons. Some consider space to be their top priority; some would rather give up square footage to have a home with more high-end finishes or architectural detail. We would like to know what is most important to you in a home!

The 61st Semonin Realtors Winner’s Circle $10,000 Drawing

After winning the last $10,000 drawing, Phil Miller, of Semonin Realtors, never thought he would win it AGAIN at the very next event! But that is exactly what happened at the 61st Semonin Realtors Winner’s Circle drawing, held July 15, 2014. Thirty agents from around the area were entered into the drawing after selling a property registered in the Semonin Realtors Winner’s Circle program. Phil won the grand $10,000 prize, plus a $500 bonus for being both the listing and selling agent on the property drawn as the winning entry.Phil and Tim with Check

Celebrate this Independence Day in Louisville!

For many, 4th of July weekend is always a highlight of the summer. Some leave town, some stay at home to light sparklers with the kids. Whatever you do, it is a holiday worth celebrating! For those of you who have yet to make plans, there are tons of things going on around town! Click here for a couple of events taking place in the Louisville area this holiday weekend.  4th of July Weekend

Louisville Market Snapshot: Months of Inventory

Months of Inventory as of June 15, 2014

What is Months of Inventory? This term considers the amount of inventory currently on the market and the recent demand shown by buyers. As you can see from the graph in the image, the months of inventory in the Louisville market is currently around 5.3. This means if no more inventory were to come of the market, it would take approximately 5.3 months for buyers to purchase everything that is currently listed. This number indicates that we are in a seller’s market right now. Often in this kind of market, seller’s experience multiple offers and sell their homes in less time and for more money. If you have been thinking about selling, now is the time to get your house listed!

Greater Louisville Months of Inventory 6-15-14

Flood & Disaster Insurance

Many homeowners are misled when it comes to what their homeowners insurance actually covers. It is vital that you understand all the details of your policy before you have to use it! Click here to find out what you need to know about flood and disaster insurance. Flood insurance

Real Estate Online: The Problem With Too Much Information

Real Estate on the InternetThe Internet has drastically changed the world of real estate. Buyers can access listing information with the click of a button. They can take virtual tours through homes and study every detail of photos without having to step foot out of their own door. There is no longer a need to wait until the morning to inquire about a home, or play phone tag with a listing agent for days just to get more information. The Internet enables sellers to spark a greater amount of interest in their homes at a much faster rate. Their listing is accessible to anyone, from anywhere, at any time. Furthermore, real estate agents can stay better connected with their customers and potential clients, and utilize many tools that lead to better and faster transactions. The power and convenience the Internet has brought to the real estate industry seems like a dream come true. But don’t be fooled, there is no such thing as a perfect world. Just like anything else, when it comes to real estate, the Internet has its ups and downs. Having too much information, for example, can prove to be a great disadvantage.

Everyone has heard the saying, “You can’t believe everything you read of the Internet”. This is exceptionally true for real estate. The amount of information that is accessible online is endless, and consumers enjoy how easy it is to find it. However, posting content of the Web is just as easy as finding information on the Web. Consumers do not know exactly where information is coming from or how credible or relative it is to what they are looking for. For example, a popular real estate question consumers want answered is, “How is the market doing?” or “Is it a good time to buy or sell?” The Internet has encouraged people to find this answer out on their own, and no longer turn to the trusted professionals who can give them a quality answer. Countless amounts of online articles can be found surrounding this sort of topic, but could easily be written by someone who knows nothing about it. Good writers can fool many people into believing they are the expert on any given subject. Furthermore, most online articles relate to the big picture and not necessarily pertain to a specific market. For example, a person in Louisville may read an article about how the market is looking grim, when in actuality the Louisville real estate market may actually be picking up quite a bit. This could discourage that person to sell, when it is an excellent time to do so! Real estate agents that work in a certain market are the best resource for getting expert advice and insight regarding a specific real estate environment.

Consumers are also all too quick to believe any information they find online about a home for sale. The problem with the various websites dedicated to home searching is how up-to-date and accurate listing information actually is. Automated data feeds that pull from a number of different sources are used to populate many sites. In the process, certain details can be lost, incorrect, or not reflect changes in the listing, such as price.

The Internet is an exceptional tool to use during the home buying or home selling process that provides many benefits to buyers, sellers, and professionals. However, it is important to remember to be cautious and be sure the information you are getting is the right information.


Semonin Realtors® Participates in U.S. Military on the Move Rebate Program

Semonin Realtors® is honored to assist our military moving in or out of the Kentuckiana region with our U.S. Military on the Move program.

Military on The Move was developed by Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® to give members a low-cost alternative to existing military affinity programs such as USAA and Navy Federal Credit Union. It is a free real estate rebate and information program that allows military active duty, retire (20 years of service) and wounded warriors to earn cash back when they buy or sell a home with Semonin Realtors®.

For more information, click on the flyer below or visit

Active, Retired Military,& Wounded Warriors, Earn cash back when you buy or sell a home with Semonin Realtors®. Semonin Realtors® Military on the Move is a free real estate rebate program for active duty military, retired military (defined as 20 years of service) and wounded warriors. Offered in states where allowed by law. To be eligible you must register at or call 855-575-2409.

Why Do People Sell Their Homes?

Top 5 Reasons For Selling A Home

  1. Home is too small. 19% of sellers in 2013 decided to make a move to upgrade to a home with more square footage. The majority of people who listed this as their reason for selling were first-time sellers.
  2.  Job relocation. 15% of all sellers in 2013 indicated they had to sell their home due to relocating for work.
  3.  Proximity to family and friends. 13% of sellers put their house on the market because they wanted to move closer to their loved ones.
  4.  A tie between downsizing and a decreased desire in neighborhood. 10% of sellers in 2013 thought their home was too large for their needs and sold their home to downsize to one with less square footage. The same percentage of sellers said their neighborhoods had become less desirable in some way or another, which gave them reason to move.
  5.  Recent change in family situation. 8% of people who sold their home in 2013 did so because something changed within the family. Such changes may include things like the birth of a child, marriage, divorce, or death.
Based on a 2013 study by the National Association of Realtors®
Reasons for Selling A Home

Weekly Market Snapshot

Housing inventory is low in the Louisville, Southern Indiana, and Elizabethtown markets! The low supply and higher demand from buyers makes now a great time to put your home on the market! You will have less homes to compete with and buyers eager to make a purchase.





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